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Sin Yi Store – Taipei 



Based on “Yongkang Commercial District” as the center, the store covers Yongkang Street, Lisui Street, part of Jinhua Street, and a number of shops located on Sinyi Road; because its’ situated near Da’an Forest Park, plus a number of gourmet shops in the neighborhood, this area is packed with people at night and during weekends. 
In addition to cake and pastry souvenirs, the store also serves freshly baked cakes and drinks. Inside the store, comfortable and classic furnishings are surrounded by a resting area, where customers may cling to the aroma with a taste of childhood! 




古時候「淡水」是指位於淡水河口與淡水港之間的統稱,更早以前甚至是指整個台灣北部,而「滬尾」則是村落名稱, 後來「淡水」與「滬尾」並用,日本時代「淡水」才正式取代「滬尾」的名稱,而沿用至今。

本店位於遊客如織的淡水老街上,民國100年六月底正式營業以來本著因為用心所以美味的精神深獲當地人及來往的遊客的好評, 成為來淡水一遊的最佳伴手禮;紅櫻花食品真心邀請妳前來品嘗,在黃昏時刻淡水河的美麗夕陽伴隨下,吃到的不僅是美味的糕餅, 更有濃厚迷人的淡水風情。


ADD: No.184, Sec. 2, Sinyi Rd., Taipei City (Near Exit 5 of Dongmen Station)
TEL: 02-2394 5988
Hours: 09:30 - 22:00
地址: 新北市淡水區中正路109號
TEL: 02-2626 5418
營業時間: 09:30 - 21:30